Memorial Day Weekend


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Bike Riding at Seward Park

Taking a break from riding.

Memorial day weekend in Seattle was filled with rain, gray clouds, and the occasional sunshine that peaked through the clouds. On Saturday afternoon, my parents and I, including my cousin, Vanessa, went bike riding in Seward Park. I haven’t bike for awhile so my thighs were aching when I came back home. The last time that I bike was when I studying abroad in Japan three years ago. :)

Dad & Momo

My dad and Momo.

Parents & Momo

My Parents :]

The next day, however, we decided to return one of the mountain bikes and the cruiser. My dad likes his, so that was a keeper. I decided that I should save up my money for a hybrid bike or a better quality one if I can find one that fits my size. Being 5′ in a half can be a challenging when it comes to good bikes. My mom, on the other hand, didn’t like the cruiser. She said that it was difficult to pedal in the park. I like her blue cruiser, but if we’re biking around the park especially around those small hills in Seattle…, boy oh boy, that’s a lot of energy!

Vanessa testing out my mom’s cruiser whilst my mom walked Momo.

What kind of bikes do you guys ride? Do you have tips for those who are short like myself?

A Mini Bike Ride in Jefferson Park


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My dad, Momo, and I went for a nice bike ride at Jefferson Park the other week when it was super sunny in Seattle. I grew up in Seattle and I can’t believe that I didn’t discover Jefferson Park until now! It’s almost like Central Park minus the hotdog stands and a plethora of trees. Okay, I’ve never been to New York before, but that’s how I perceive Central Park to be like. You will still see greens in Jefferson Park–it is the NW after all; however, it’s more like a green plot of land mixed with swing set, bike path, soccer field, more green field, a tennis field, and a volleyball area. And don’t forget, there is a golf course right next by. Oh basically, the land is vast enough to do anything! And this is right in the middle of the city! You should definitely check it out when you’re in Seattle.

Momo was chasing me whilst I was riding my mom’s cruiser bike.

And here’s Momo refusing to wait inside the car whilst we loaded the bike back to our car. She was whining and jumping around inside the car until I came and grab her. As you can see, she waited happily and silently on top of the trunk. I guess she wanted to see all the action. :)

Parents’ Birthday Week


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From the previous notes, I mentioned that my parents were born on the same day but on a different year. Since it was on a Saturday, I took a day off from work.

Last spring, I took my parents to Seattle’s Food & Wine festival in Seattle Center and through one of the food vendors, we discovered Wild Ginger. My dad loves their duck, so for their birthday lunch, I took them to Wild Ginger in downtown. We had a great time! Service was great. The food was delicious. I enjoy my mango mojito especially. :) The only downside was that the food portion was small. Surprisingly, however, we were full at the end of the meal.

After lunch, we walked to Pike Place Market and grabbed coffee and macaroons at Le Panier French Bakery. I’m a big fan of their pistachio macaroons, so if you ever stop by at their bakery, you should defiantly try out their macaroons! Even their vanilla latte is way better than Starbucks! And this is coming from someone who loves Starbucks…

The following day, we went to the Seattle Aquarium by using the tickets that I bought from Groupons (I love a great deal!). I invited my grandma too since I had an extra ticket.

It was my day’s first time at the aquarium and he had a blast! When we saw clownfish, the first thing that my dad said was “It’s Nemo!” :) I think our favorite moment was when we witnessed the sea otters taking a bath! They were washing themselves with their hands and feet. It was quite an interesting sight to witness.

I think overall my parents had a great birthday week especially when they opened their presents. Instead of wrapping their presents with fancy paper, I put their present in an empty Office Max binder clip cardboard box (which I borrowed for work). The look on their face were priceless! Their facial expression clearly said, “Oh she bought us office supplies…” :p

I got my dad a new wallet from Macy’s. His old wallet was looking a bit raggedy and old so he was in need of some fresh ones. My mom, on the other hand, got her first pair of Toms. She loves how comfy it is. She finally understand why I’m obsessed with them.

Parents' Birthday Week

Cambodian New Year


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For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy with work, help finding wedding venue for my friend, Janice, celebrating Cambodian New Year and my parents’ birthday (Yes my parents were born on the same day which I will talk about in another post).

Normally the 2nd week of April is Cambodian New Year which is also known as Khmer New Year. It usually lasts for 3-4 days. In the U.S., however, we divided the holiday by weekends. So Weekend 1 is from April 13-14 and Weekend 2 is from April 20-21.

During the first week, we went to a temple nearby to light up candles, burn incenses, give food offering, pray, and chant.

Food OfferingBuddhist Statue

During the second week, we went to another temple in Yelm. One of the festival activities is to put a burned incense (or a flower in my case), a colorful flag, and poured a small amount of sand on each of the five sand mountains. I forgot what the flower/incense and the flag on each sand mountain supposed to symbolize, but according to my mom, the sand pouring on each “mountain” represents the cleansing of your sins. By pouring the sand grains, you are transferring your sins to the sand stupas and you can now start fresh for new year. I know there is more to this fact, but when I was having fun at the festival, I forgot some of the stuff that my mom and my grandma said. :p

The white strings (below) are protective charms that were blessed by the monks. You can tied the strings to anything that you want like inside your car, key chain, door knob, etc. A popular choice, however, is by making a bracelet out of the strings. I usually have my mom or my grandma make me a bracelet or an anklet when I received these holy strings. Momo even have one in her collar!

Fried Banana - one of the foods that you can buy at the festival

Fried Banana – one of the foods that you can buy at the festival

Glass Noodles

Glass Noodles – my mom always make this noodle for new year; it represent longevity.

khmer new year (sand)Khmer new year (strings)


The Layover with Anthony Bourdain Seattle


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If you ever visit Seattle, perhaps you should watch this video for places to eat, drink, and explore.

I know some of the places that he mentions in the video and he’s correct in saying that the food is fantastic! I’m not saying because I lived and grew up in Seattle, but because I love food and I love exploring many places that offer great food (and of course coffee). I don’t regret spending $ on good food. You lived once and you don’t know when you’re going to die, so enjoy life to the fullest with love, happiness, and good food! Watch the video and laugh at some of the interesting comments from Anthony Bourdain. :)

The Layover with Anthony Bourdain Seattle – Full Episode


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